Research overview

Contact between unrelated languages is my core area of interest, including both language-internal and sociolinguistic changes that arise from contact.

Language maintenance and shift

My dissertation project looks at language choice from generation to generation in Inner Mongolia, China. Slides and posters from some recent presentations are linked here: 2016 Conference on Central Asian Languages and Linguistics in Bloomington, 2015 New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) in Toronto, 2014 Urban Linguistics Seminar in Hohhot.

The committee consists of Professors Sharon Hargus (chair), Stevan Harrell, Richard Wright, Betsy Evans and Zev Handel.

Phonology of languages in contact

In 2011 I made some field recordings to investigate the phonological adaptation of Chinese and Russian loanwords into different dialects of Modern Mongolian. That work is briefly documented in these slides from my presentation at the workshop on "Loanwords as evidence in formal linguistics" at the 2012 annual meeting of Societas Linguistica Europaea, and extensively documented in my 2013 MA thesis.

Languages spoken (with regions)

(I'm the kind of linguist who likes to keep learning languages.)


I am not currently teaching. Most recently I taught second-year Modern Chinese Language as a TA in Asian Languages and Literature at UW. I have also taught French language, English language, and linguistics of China.


I have mostly retired from translation in order to focus on schoolwork, but occasionally may take on specialized jobs. More info